Establishment and management of collaborative projects

EFFICIENCE MARKETING has over 20 years experience in the field of marketing innovation.
Marketing innovation is a key point to position the innovative concept with respect to current and future market needs.
With its methodologies, EFFICIENCE MARKETING supports you in installing and managing your collaborative project:

Development, submission and negotiation

  1. preparation of the various components and structuring of the collaborative project
  2. positioning the innovative idea to the needs and expectations of the market
  3. state of the art (processes/methods/technologies) to identify competitive advantages
  4. risk analysis of innovative project
  5. definition of the four P’s product
  6. research partnerships with French and European businesses; we are in close contact with different profiles of partners based in Poland, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Bulgaria and France
  7. drafting and submission of collaborative projects H2020 type SME Instrument and EUREKA
  8. negotiations with the European or national institutions after submission and acceptance

Project coordination

EFFICIENCE MARKETING currently coordinates several collaborative projects.

  1. technical, administrative and financial coordination of the project
  2. organization of regular physical and virtual meetings to synchronize the project progress and manage risk,
  3. maintenance of internal and external seminars of dissemination and exchange

EFFICIENCE MARKETING consultants have extensive experience in collaborative projects and a background in the following areas:

  1. nanotechnology
  2. environment
  3. building
  4. ICT
  5. medical equipment & Silver Economy
  6. social sciences

Recent projects References

  1. FP7 IAQSense “Spectrometer on chip” for real-time monitoring of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the air inside. EFFICIENCE MARKETING is the coordinator and holds a patent
  2. EUREKA PAMIAQ for the detection of fine particles in the indoor air
  3. EUREKA SENSING STRUCTURAL for chemical and mechanical sensors embedded in buildings and bridges to long life
  4. PRONANO for the development of a network of piezoelectric cantilevers allowing ultra fast image capture at the atomic level
  5. EMS TraCity Instrument for detection of extremely low level of risk and threats