Image and notoriety study

The objective of this study is to determine how the company is perceived among its customers and non-customers.
Over time, thanks to feedback, rumors and communications, the buyer has in mind some personal beliefs about a brand.
These beliefs are true or false, or out of focus.
These beliefs lead to an overall judgment called branding.
The reputation of a brand is its rate of knowledge by the consumer.
The more a product has a good image and is known, the more consumers will favor the purchase of this product.

A notoriety and image study includes several steps:

  1. step 1: identify image attributes, the factors that influence the sale of products in the market
  2. step 2: prioritize the image attributes to identify the most important in the eyes of the consumer
  3. step 3: assess the attributes of the brand, for example, rating from 0 to 10
  4. step 4: evaluate the attributes of the main competing brands
  5. step 5: evaluate spontaneous and prompted notoriety of the brand and its competitors
  6. step 6: select the attributes on which the mark must progress. These are best perceived by consumers and lower rated on brand attributes
  7. step 7: recommend solutions to ensure branding is consistent with the position desired by the company

To do this, we propose two types of studies:

  1. qualitative survey to identify the attributes of the market, analyze the company and those of competing brands
  2. quantitative survey to assess the notoriety, attributes and importance