Innovation advising


Creativity is the heart of every successful company.

It involves connecting things or ideas that previously had no link between them.

The creating process always comes from the same principle: « let one’s imagination free, then lead it through a concrete way »

In order to define successful products and services, we recommend carrying out marketing surveys throughout the innovation process.

We divide the process into 4 main phases:


This is the starting point of innovation, it is appropriate to identify ideas for new products and services in the company’s markets.
These ideas are linked either to use or to technologies.
To identify them, we use the following tools:

  1. prospective studies
  2. opportunity studies
  3. marketing intelligence
  4. creative studies


This phase filters ideas to keep only those with high potential and turn them into a mature product concept in line with the needs and expectations of the market.

Several investigations are necessary to achieve this:

  1. diagnosis performed internally (SWOT analysis)
  2. state of the art
  3. benchmark
  4. concept test


The objectives of this phase are:

  1. taking a Go/No Go decision
  2. writing the specifications
  3. defining a market access strategy and outlining the marketing plan

These objectives will be achieved through qualitative and quantitative marketing research.


Conducting a business development study for concretely defining the best way to go to the market.
Discussions focus on:

  1. economic model
  2. price
  3. prescribers
  4. mode of distribution
  5. communication strategy
  6. communication routes