Efficience Marketing wishes you a Merry Christmas! - 25/12/2020


Support for projects with a social, environmental and societal impact - 02/12/2020

Efficience Marketing supports companies with innovation project (s) with a social, environmental and societal impact. AFD summit on participative financing on new concrete projects AFD_sommet-des-banques

Efficience Marketing joins forces with Mokrane HACENE - statistician, economist and actuary - 18/11/2020

In order to strengthen the statistical skills and the consideration of macroeconomic data of the firm within the framework of the projects treated, Mokrane HACENE joined Efficience Marketing. His past in financial and risk departments of large groups as well as consulting firms is a tremendous asset for the firm. His expertise in the North African and Canadian markets (among others), his knowledge of European and financial institutions and his involvement in cross-disciplinary matters related to compliance, financial and extra-financial risk management and sustainable development (ESG , ODD, Islamic Finance…) provide new development opportunities for the firm.

Happy New Year 2016! - 13/01/2016

EFFICIENCE MARKETING would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us during this year 2015. We wish you a very Happy New Year 2016 filled with marketing success!


EFFICIENCE MARKETING launches its new site! To be even closer to its customers, to better serve them, the web site is now optimized at design level, content and mobile compatibility (smartphone and tablet).


EFFICIENCE MARKETING immersed itself in a transformation and realignment of objectives and focus, and presents its new logo.


EFFICIENCE MARKETING convened the Technical Committee of the IAQSENSE European project (FP7 project) with a budget of 5M€ involving 10 partners in 5 European countries. With a project duration: from September 2013 to September 2016 and with an objective to enrich and validate the VOC sensor technical specifications (Volatile Organic Compounds). This committee includes market leaders in the construction, electrical equipment and ventilation areas of expertise.


AIR LIQUIDE entrusts EFFICIENCE MARKETING with achieving a biannual panel (recurring marketing study with the same sample) to monitor the activity of customers and identify their new expectations.16


EFFICIENCE MARKETING participates in the realization of the European project PAMIAQ (EUREKA / EURIPIDES program). The project objective is the development of a low cost particle sensor (particle size 2.5 to 10 microns).06