Our commitments to make you succeed :

The EFFICIENCE MARKETING team is comprised of men and women sharing the same passion, marketing surveys, that are the basis of all successful companies.

EFFICIENCE MARKETING supports you in the design of your marketing strategy. It focuses on helping customers answer the following key questions:

  1. Is the new product idea the right one?
  2. What are the user benefits?
  3. What is the more profitable business model?
  4. How does the consumer perceive our brand?
  5. How to fully satisfy the consumer to make him faithful?
  6. Can we divide the market into groups of consumers with homogeneous purchasing behaviors?

To do this, we propose original and proven methods.

EFFICIENCE MARKETING is a multidisciplinary team consisting of engineers and sociologists from different cultures (Latin, Anglo-Saxon) to address client problems from various points of view.

EFFICIENCE MARKETING is also a strong team of consultants, all shareholders in the company, highly motivated to satisfy their customers.